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Kenneth's Bio
Kenneth's Pledge
Kenneth's Bills
Kenneth's Bio

About Kenneth A. Wegner

Ken Wegner is a 20-year resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born in Long Beach California. Scholastically, he attended Mayfair High School, the Community College of Southern Nevada, and Cerritos College. He also attended UNLV after he returned from service in the US Army. Most recently, he graduated from Nevada Bail Enforcement Agent Academy.

Ken Wegner served in the U.S. Army. He retired in 1994, after receiving wounds received in the Gulf War (Desert Storm). He graduated from Field Artillery School in 1975. He also graduated from Nuclear, Biological and Chemical School from Fort Ord, California in 1990. He served active duty and Army Reserve in the 1980’s and the early 1990’s.

Ken is the father of three children. His oldest child and son Brandon followed in his father’s footsteps, served in the U.S. Army, was wounded in Afganistan and received the purple heart. Brandon returned from 15 months of service in Iraq and 12 months in Afganistan.

Kenneth's Pledge

I, Kenneth Wegner, make the following pledge with the American people:

1. I refuse all money from lobbyists, PACs, and special interest groups, and I will never become a lobbyist once my congressional service is over.

2. I will vote to secure our borders and ports from illegal immigration while supporting legal immigration

3. I will vote no on any pay increases for Congress while in office

4. I will read every congressional bill in its entirety before voting on it

5. Any bill I sponsor will not exceed 25 pages and will be written in plain English

6. I will only serve three terms in Congress

7. I will not vote to send troops into harm’s way unless there is a clearly stated objective by our Commander in Chief; let them win or bring them home

8. I will vote to eliminate all foreign aid except for humanitarian purposes

9. I will introduce legislation that revokes the law permitting Congress to reallocate Social Security funds into the General Fund and to repay those funds previously taken

10. I will introduce legislation requiring all U.S. Government contracts to be fulfilled by American-based companies

DATE: March 21, 2018

Kenneth's Bills

When Kenneth Wegner is your Congressman he has six Bills that will help the American People right now.

1. Temporarily Suspend the over 50 cents a Gallon Gas Tax.

2. We must repeal the tip compliance tax. Food Servers, Cocktail Waitresses, Valets, Bartenders, Bellmen, etc. These minimum wage workers should not have to pay taxes on tips that are not guaranteed.

3. We must win the war on drugs with over eighty-eight thousand American Citizens dying every year from drug overdoses, we must secure our borders and ports temporarily using United States Military. In 1971 Congress declared War on Drugs. It is Constitutional. (Build the Wall)

4. Deporting the over 1/2 Million Illegal Aliens in our Jails and Prisons, and deport all foreign nationals in the country illegally that missed their immigration hearings.

5. We must allow those school teachers who wish to carry firearms in school and pass the Universal Concealed Carry Bill.

6. Stop fraudulent voting. The technology is here. First, require fingerprints or photo recognition in the voting booth. This will assure that no person votes twice. Any foreign national (illegal aliens) who vote in any U.S. election will be deported without the possibility of re-entering the U.S.

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